14 Feb 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Two trains with heart symbols came at the same time at Hino station. You can see the difference of the symols when they are together.

The most important meaning of the heart is the love of passengers for the orange trains; but they also chose the heart-shape because the trains run on St.Valentines Day.

I hope you will have a nice day today. For me, it is good enough a day, for I could see the two trains in the same instance!

6 Feb 2010

Trains I love the most

The trains I love the most are the series 201 in the Chuo Line.
The orange-coloured trains, only the two of which are left in the lane, wears a heart-shaped symbol on the face. It writes "series 201 - loved for 30 years".
Unfortunately, today the both of them were sleeping all day and never run. I hope I can see them tomorrow, running under the bright sunshine.

5 Feb 2010

Test for rerun

This is a TEST.
I would like to see if the blog works, after being deserted for three years.

9 Feb 2007

The full-coloured LEDs

The full-coloured LEDs equipped on the series E233 are quite eye-catching, particularly in the nighttime. Not only the E233 but also some of the newest trains in Japan have the full-coloured LEDs which show the destination of the train.

8 Feb 2007

The changing Chuo Line

In Tokyo, Chuo Line trains are quickly changing from the orange-coloured series-201 trains, to the silver E233 trains with an orange line.

Today, the twelfth E233 came into service.